GIG 286: Send No Flowers / Kerbdog / Feeder – The Water Rats, 16th May 1996

It was my birthday so what better way to celebrate than to go to a gig with friends. The gig in question was in the tiny backroom of The Water Rats in Kings Cross where a trilogy of bands awaited… including a small unknown band opening the proceedings called Feeder.

To be brutally honest I can’t remember much about this gig – and not because of the passing of time and a lack of notes, but more because I think we spent more time celebrating my birthday at the bar than watching the bands and I got a tad drunk,

We would have gone to this gig for Send No Flowers, whom I’d seen and really enjoyed supporting Clawfinger the previous year (GIG 241). I’d seen Kerbdog a few years before supporting The Almighty (GIG 134) and thought they were fine, but probably not good enough for me to go out of my way to see them again.

Anyway, I had a good birthday night out, even if I couldn’t remember much about the bands.

Send No Flowers – Monotony
Price: Unknown

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