GIG 285: Clannad / Brian Kennedy – Royal Albet Hall, 14th May 1996

I have always been a massive Clannad fan, ever since the mid-80’s when I was first introduced to them – like so many others of my age – through the Robin of Sherwood TV series which they provided the music for. Being big into my fantasy roleplaying games at the time Clannad had also provided many a soundtrack whilst playing back then too.

I’d seen Clannad twice before, both in 1989, the first of which (GIG 014) was also at the Royal Albert Hall the day after my birthday. Now seven years later I was back at the Royal Albert Hall, two days before my birthday, to see them again.

Clannad had just released their ‘Lore’ album and the record label had given me two tickets to see them from the box they sponsored at the venue. Melissa, my girlfriend at the time, came with me and we couldn’t have asked for better seats. There was only two other people in the box (which would have probably seated 8-12 people) and it was directly looking at the front of the stage.

The support was Brian Kennedy, who himeself was having a very good year with a Top 20 album and a string of Top 40 hits. Whilst he wasn’t really my taste he was very good live.

Clannad were just as good, if not even better, than I remembered them. Their music is just so magical and atmospheric you can easily get lost in the mists and the henges they weave. They have always been one of my favourite bands, both recorded and live, and tonight just reinforced how good they were live.

Clannad – A Bridge (That Carries Us Over)
Price: Free via Record Label

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