GIG 241: Clawfinger / Send No Flowers – The Garage, 24th October 1995

Tuesday night was usually Feet First at Camden Palace. Tonight was going to be no different, but before I hit Camden I was going to my first gig at The Garage in Highbury to see Swedes Clawfinger.

This was my fourth time seeing Clawfinger live, and this time they were supported by a band called Send No Flowers, who were around for a brief sliver of time in 95/96. I’m not sure why they didn’t last longer, but they were really good live.

Clawfinger were, once again, excellent live, with their infectious blend of rap-tinged metal. They had been touring extesively over the last year (this was my third time seeing them in 1995 alone!) and they were a fantastic band to catch live. They continued to play live until 2013 when they broke up for a years, reforming in 2017 and till together today – so I should keep an eye out to see if play the UK again at somepoint and reacquaint myself with them if I get the chance!

Clawfinger – The Truth
Price: Unknown

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