GIG 134: The Almighty / The Wildhearts / Kerbdog – The Forum, 17th October 1993

A North London autumn Sunday evening and we’re all huddled up and en route to for some serious headbanging action at The Forum in Kentish Town, courtesy of a trio of bands getting various levels of press at the time.

Now my musical tastes, as I’ve mentioned before, tended much more towards to the industrial/ebm/goth side of things around this time. I still listened, and enjoyed, some rock/metal but I also found a lot of it ‘same-y’ (something that I could also complain about a number of goth bands of the time). Kerbdog were fine, nothing special, and The Wildhearts (whom I’d seen supporting Alice in Chains (GIG 131) less than two weeks prior) were slightly better but still not setting my heart on fire. The Almighty were pretty good, certainly better than the other two bands on the bill, but whilst I enjoyed them I didn’t come away from the gig with a desperate urge to see them again like I did for bands that I truly enjoyed.

The Almighty – Wild & Wonderful
Price: £9.00

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