GIG 287: Roger Whittaker – Dominion Theatre, 19th May 1996

Here’s one that very few people would be expecting to appear on my gig list. You can completely blame my mate Michael for this as it was his idea that we should go to see Roger Whittaker. I’ve no idea why, he was fairly random and had mad (many genius) ideas all the time which I ended up being a partner in crime more often than not.

Roger Whittaker was big in the 60’s and 70’s and was very popular with the ‘older’ crowd. By older I mean mainly pensioners and we were probably the youngest people in the crowd by a number of decades. Roger was 60 at this point himself.

I remembered Roger Whittaker from TV shows growing up but he was not someone I’d ever actually listened to, or knowing knew any of his songs that I’d be able to name. I knew he was big on whistling though (see below track) although he did actually sing most of his songs.

Still, it was an experience and actually a very pleasent one as he was very good live and we both had fun and really enjoyed him. Wouldn’t have done it again, but glad we did.

Roger Whittaker – Finnish Whistler

Price: £15.00

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