GIG 258: London After Midnight / The Horatii – The Underworld, 29th December 1995

Friday night, two nights until New Years Eve, but a bit of a repeat from the previous week. Gig at The Underworld followed by parting at Full Tile in the Electric Ballroom. This evenings bands were two that I’d heard of but had never seen. I had some London After Midnight tracks but think I was going in blind in regards to The Horati.

A crowd of us had met up at The World’s End (the pub above The Underworld) for a few drinks befiore descending down into the venue for the bands. A lot of people were out for the gig, and the Ballroom afterwards, which kind of surprised me on one hand – but then I reckon a lot of people had probably gotten cabin fever as not a lot generally happens between Christmas and New Years.

Sadly I was fairly unimpressed with both bands on this occasion. I did see them both at other points in the future, but they didn’t really have that ‘oomph’ factor for whatever reason at The Underworld.

But London After Midnight wrapped up my 1995 year of gigging that had started on the 5th January seeing Judda at The Borderline (GIG 194) and had taken in 65 gigs over the last twelve months (66 if you could the Chemical Brothers at the HMV – GIG 237b) including my first ‘camp over’ music festival (Monsters of Rock ’95 – GIG 227). It’d been a fairly dramatic year for me on a personal level, but live music and clubbing were certainly big reasons why I was around to see 1995 close and 1996 kick off.

London After Midnight – Kiss
Price: £4.00

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