GIG 257: Embassy – Camden Palace, 26th December 1995

Yes, I know it was Boxing Day when most people are still recovering from eating too much Turkey and suffering from hangovers for having to put up with their relatives once a year, but Feet First at Camden Palace was surprisingly still on and as it was one of my best mates 20th birthday (Happy birthday Surfer Boy! ;p) I had another night at Camden Palace ahead of me.

I was later than planned in arriving as I’d met up with a girl I’d met at the Ballroom after the Sheep on Drugs gig (GUIG 256) who I’d shared a cab back to Finchley with as she also lived there. She was interested in gaming and we’d arranged to meet up on Boxing Day. I’m not entirely certain how interested in gaming she actually was, but we spent most of 1996 dating and she certainly joined us for a few games of Call of Cthulhu over the course of the year. Anyway, Melissa made me late to John’s birthday – but John was very understanding.

Camden Palace was pretty busy given the date, and a number of familiar faces were there and it turned out to be a fantastic evening.

Embassy were the band of the night. I’d heard the name from the music press but didn’t know them. They were apparently “a vegan, feminist emo band” according to various sites. I don’t think they lasted too long but did manage to get an EP and album out. I wasn’t too keen on them.

Embassy – Burning Bridges
Price: Free with Guest Pass

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