GIG 194: Judda / Andromeda Strain / Nylon – The Borderline, 5th January 1995

It only took my five days of 1995 to get to my first gig of the year, and it was to see an old favourite – Judda.

For a Thursday night gig in the first week after the Christmas/New Years holidays it was pretty well attended with loads of people I knew at the show. Andy & Katrina from Resurrection Records (a mecca for goth/industrial and alternative music in a basement on Camden High Street as well as their own music label), Max & Anarchy (a couple of friends from Finchley), Michael (my best mate at the time) and a bunch of others.

The first band on was Nylon, who were alright but not as good as The Andromeda Strain who were the next band of the night. I really enjoyed Andromeda Strain, even more so than Judda on this occasion which surprised me. I’ve tried findign some info about them but the only two bands I can find with any web footprint are a Texan avant-punk band that broke up in 1996 and a small metalcore band from Perth who were active a few years ago. It’s possible the band I saw were the Texan band but I’m not sure. In anycase, whoever I saw were great live.

It was the seventh time I saw Judda and I’d never seen a bad gig from them. Tonight was no exception as they brought their blend of anarchic chaos to the Borderline’s stage.

An interesting factoid, that I’m surpised I’ve not mentioned in one of the earlier Judda enteries, is that I think the band were named after a Judge Dredd/2000AD group. The Judda in the comics were “a small army of genetic clones that followed and worshipped the madman known as Morton Judd. The Judda came from the same genetic coding as the former Chief Judge Fargo making them distantly related to Dredd. Each Judda had unique battle armour that vaguely resembled a Judge’s uniform.”

Judda – Age of Treason
Price: Unknown

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