GIG 237b : The Chemical Brothers, HMV Oxford Street, 12th October 1995

I’ve included this one here as a ‘b-side’ gig – as it wasn’t really a gig per se, more of a live instore performance. I knew it was happening so had headed down to the massive HMV record store on Oxford Street in central London for the 1pm start.

I was already a fan of The Chemical Brothers, with some of their early tracks getting a lot of play at some fo the clubs I went to (specifically Feet First at Camden Palace) and this instore appearence was to help support their debut album “Exit Planet Dust” – which had come out earlier in the summer.

It was very weird seeing a gig in the middle of a store, in the middle of the day – with a number of shoppers there obviously not knowing who on earth was playing, or why the store had been invaded by people to see them.

The Chemical Brothers put on a good set – but only played for 30 minutes. I enjoyed them and, thankfully, managed to see them years later at a festival (Glastonbury I think).

The Chemical Brothers – Life Is Sweet
Price: Free

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