GIG 259: Minty – Camden Palace, 2nd January 1996

Welcome to 1996. It certainly didn’t take me long to break the new year in with live music.

Minty were an odd band to say the least. They were very art house and had originally been formed by Leigh Bowery (a fashion deisgner and club promoter among other things) in 1993 for a very short lived spell. After Bowery’s death on New Years Eve 1994 Minty was reformed and eventually released an album in 1997.

They were great live, with the lead singer performing nude inside an oxygen tent. The whole performance was almost more theatre show than live gig, but it was brilliant and suited the Camden Palace’s Feet First midnight slot really well.

Very much NSFW.

Minty – Useless Man
Price: Free with Guest Pass

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