GIG 232: Incubus Succubus / Die Laughing / Skin Drill / Skin Job – Marquee, 24th September 1995

I hadn’t been down to The Marquee for a few months, but the lure of seeing Incubus Succubus, Die Laughing and Skin Drill again – all on the same bill – was enough to get me back down to Charing Cross Road on a Sunday evening. Despite the fact I’d just moved house and had been buildibng shelves all day.

Skin Job, the first band of the evening, were also the only band on the nights line-up whom I’d never seen before. They proved a really great addition and had a great set. Really enjoyed them.

Skin Drill, whom I’d seen twice before at the beginning of the year (GIGs 196 and 197) were once again great live.

With the first two bands impressing so much there was a lot of expectations for the two topping the billing. Thankfully I’d seen both before – Die Laughing twice, and Incubus Succubus ten times – and knew that both were great. Neither of them disappointed this evening either. Whilst the first two bands of the night were great, the last two turned things up either more and were amazing. Certainly two of the best performances from either band that I’d seen and this whole evening was a night of amazing live music with every band performing at such a great standard.

Inkubus Sukkubus – Heart of Lillith
Price: Unknown

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