GIG 233: Loop Guru – Camden Palace, 26th September 1995

One of the great things about Feet First at Camden Palace was the diversity of the bands they hosted. Whilst many were more metal, or guitar based indie, they also brought in bands from other musical genres that were getting talked about in the music press. This meant that I got to see bands I’d never normally see, such as this evenings midnight band, Loop Guru.

Loop Guru were a fusion of Western and Eastern music. Western dance beats with traditional Indian and Indonesian music. A mix of styles from ambient, worldbeat and dubtronic (thank you Wikipedia…) the band released 11 albums between 1994 and 2006, and a bunch of EPs and singles, including The Third Chamber, an hour long “single”, in 1995.

They would not have been a band I’d have normally seen live. Not because I wasn’t keen on their style – I listened to quite a bit of ambient/new age music and still do, but because the majority of my live music was distinctly guitar heavy.

Loop Guru were fantastic live. I loved their sound, and am not sure why I haven’t listened to them much over the last 27 years but have now added them to my Spotify playlist.

Loop Guru – The Third Chamber, Part 4
Price : Free with Guest Pass

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