GIG 197: Skin Drill / Szekl Kurva – The Bull & Gate, 7th February 1995

Skin Drill really impressed us when we saw them a couple of weeks earlier (GIG 196), so when we heard they were playing The Bull & Gate in Kentish Town Angela, Michael, Richard and myself all headed down there on this Tuesday evening.

Support came in the form of Szekl Kurva who, according to LastFM, “was an Anglo-Hungarian digital-hardcore-Eastern-European-folk-speed-metal band that formed in 1993 and imploded in 1999”. They’re also on Spotify (so yeah, I’m giving them a listen now…). Live they were really good and were a great companion set to Skin Drill who were, once again, great to see live (I just wish I could find something from Skin Drill to give them a listen again).

With the lack of an internet footprint for the brilliant Skin Drill I’m using (for the frist time) a Youtube track from the support band… plus this will probably be the only time I can post a Szekl Kurva track here as I sadlyt don’t think I ever saw them again.

Szeki Kurva – Bond Averts World War III
Price: Unknown

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