GIG 231: Rub Ultra / Sponge – Camden Palace, 12th September 1995

Not currently having a job certainly gave me a lot more time to get to mid-week clubs more regularly than when I was employed. Not that employment had stopped me too much in all fairness, but the summer and autumn of 1995 certainly saw almost weekly trips to Camden Palace’s Feet First night on Tuesdays.

This evening two bands were playing. The first of which I didn’t really get to see/hear much, but they were a band called Sponge. The second, coming on at midnight, were Rub Ultra – a London-based band who played a fusion of dub and metal.

Rub Ultra released an album in 1995 (“Liquid Boots and Boiled Sweets”) which I guess was probably why they were playing Camden Palace, and had a handful of EPs and Singles.

Rub Ultra – Brown Box Nitro
Price: Free with Guest Pass

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