GIG 196: Cubanate / Inertia / Skin Drill – Marquee, 22nd January 1995

A not so typical Sunday evening at The Marquee. Sundays were usually their ‘goth’ nights – or certainly seemed to be with the amount of goth bands on the line-up every Sunday evening, but tonight we had swapped ‘goth’ for ‘EBM/Industrial’ bands Cubanate, Inertia and Skin Drill.

I headed down to the Marquee with Angala and Micheal primarily for Cubanate whom I’d seen before (GIG 165) and listened to quite a bit at home. The other two bands were new to me so I was prepared for them to be rather hit-or-miss. Both were definite HITS – and deserve that to be capitals.

Skin Drill and Ineratia were both great live. I don’t know much about Skin Drill (although I saw them live atleast one more time a couple of weeks after this) but they were an electronic-techno band from Essex that used samples instead of vocals. They released one single that I know of, and also had a four track free cassette on Hard Wired magazine in 1996.

Inertia, who are still around today, formed in 1992 and have released a host of albums, compilations and singles over the years. They were very much on the electro-industrial end of the spectrum and were the best band of the gig on this occasion. Writing this has made me search them out on Spotify so I have a great soundtrack to this entry. Definitely worth checking out.

Cubanate were, once again, really good live. As I mentioned in the entry for the first time I saw them, in my mind I saw them at larger venues and can’t remember them playing the Marquee – which this was obviously the second time I saw them at the venue.

Great night all told, and a really good line-up.

Cubanate – Industry
Price: Unknown

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