GIG 146: Incubus Succubus / The Witches / Seventh Wave – Marquee, 23rd January 1994

Another Sunday night, another goth gig at The Marquee on Charing Cross Road in London. One of my favourite venues, despite the fact that you’d stick to the floor like superglue if you stayed still for more than 5 seconds in front of the stage.

This evening saw my sixth Incubus Succubus gig, and all within a year from first seeing them at The Dome supporting Vendemmian the previous March (GIG 114). Once again they were great live. I wasn’t keen on The Witches (whom I’d last seen in September ’93 heading The Moonlight Club with Incubus Succubus supporting – GIG 129), but then hadn’t been the previous occasion either. Seventh Wave (not the 70’s prog rock band of the same name) were the first band on and, whilst I can’t sadly remember anything about them and don’t believe I ever saw them again, apparently were rather quite good according to my notes from the night. Shame I can’t find anything about them now.

Incubus Succubus – Heart of Lilith
Price: £2.00

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