GIG 145: Vendemmian / Curse In Vain / Cries of Tammuz – Marquee, 16th January 1994

1994. Magic: The Gathering had really taken hold in a big way and we were playing loads of the Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop RPG. Despite all the gaming I was still managing to get out to gigs and go clubbing and it only took sixteen days into the new year for me to get down to the Marquee on a Sunday evening for my first gig of the year… after an afternoon of playing Mage: The Ascension RPG with friends.

I’d seen all the bands on the stage before. In fact Curse In Vain and Cries of Tammuz I’d only seen the previous month supporting Incubus Succubus at The Moonlight Club (GIG 142). My opinion of Curse In Vain stayed the same (average – nothing special) but I really enjoyed Cries of Tammuz at this Marquee gig, after thinking they were ok in December when I first saw them. This evening they certainly rivalled the main act in my opinion.

Vendemmian were once again very good live. I generally always enjoyed catching them on the circuit and they rarely disappointed.

Vendemmian – Masquerade
Price: Unknown

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