GIG 129: The Witches / Incubus Succubus / Erf – The Moonlight Club, 17th September 1993

It seems that for a while Incubus Succubus were exclusively playing The Moonlight Club when they played old London Town. Certainly their last London gig (GIG 121) and their next London gig (GIG 142) in December were all held here. This time, however, they were playing support to a band called The Witches – certainly in keeping with their pagan-themed catalogue.

We didn’t catch the support band, apparently called Erf, and I was certainly less than enthused with The Witches. But sandwiched between was another great set by the Inkies. As an added bonus, for it being a Friday night, a host of us headed over to Camden Town after the gig to dance the rest of the night away at The Full Tilt Club at The Electric Ballroom.

Price: £3.00

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