GIG 114: Vendemmian / Incubus Succubus / Junk – The Dome, 9th March 1993

This was an interesting gig on a number of levels.

For starters it was the first time I saw Incubus Succubus or Vendemmian live. I got to know both bands reasonably well over the ensuing years and still know members from both today.

I knew Incubus Succubus (before they replaced the c’s with the k’s) because one of my friends (Mal) used to play in a band called The Screaming Dead back in the 80’s with Tony (who was central to Incubus Succubus with his wife, Candia). Mal had played me some of their music so I joined him for the gig. Vendemmian was a band I’d heard a reasonable amount about as two of the members had been part of Restoration – another London goth band I had an EP of (and whose other members I’d later get to know through other bands and the club scene).

But this was my first experience of both.

It amused me that at one point someone from Vendemmian (I think it was Dave) mistook me from someone in Incubus Succubus. Well, it was the Inkies first ever London gig and no one really knew them at the time – so an easy mistake back then.

I can’t remember Junk at all – they were apparently pretty good but as the other two bands rose to prominence in the scene (Incubus Succubus actually went on to perform live on TV a few years later) Junk must have splintered or atleast never really cracked the surface properly.

Incubus Succubus were absolutely fantastic – and I certainly am not surprised that they grew to be one of the biggest bands on the goth/pagan circuit who still command a good following and audiences at their shows even today.

Vendemmian were enjoyable but didn’t blow me away. I ended up seeing them quite a few times (including a few months after this one) and they were much better on those occasions. But then they might have been outshone on this occasion by being supported by Incubus Succubus (who went on to headline in London after this).

All in all a great night out though, and very memorable.

We all went straight from this to Camden Palace to see Daisy Chainsaw – but that’s GIG 115 and I’ll write about that tomorrow 🙂

Vendemmian – Only As Far As The Burning Ground
Price: Unknown

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