GIG 284: White Zombie / Stabbing Westward – Brixton Academy, 10th May 1996

A Friday night trip south of the river to Brixton Academy was in order this evening. White Zombie, one of my favourite bands of the time, were playing and after seeing their fantastic Donnington show (GIG 227) the previous summer I was not wanting to miss a second chance at seeing them.

Unfortunately we missed Stabbing Westward due to not finishing work until 7pm and then having to get from West Hamsptead all the way down to Brixton and meet up with everyone. In the days before mobile phones (or atleast before mobile phones were common place and affordable to the common man or woman) we had to prearrange meeting spots and times or you’d never catch up with your mates. Thankfully I had seen Stabbing Westward before (GIG 168) but I would have liked to have seen them again.

White Zombie ca,e on, prowling the stage, and were once again great live. Not as good as I’d seen them at Donnington – but that was an absolutely fantastic performace that few bands would have been able to replicate – but on the plus side I didn’t break my glasses in the mosh pit on this occasion so all told I was happy 🙂

White Zombie – Electric Head, Part 2 (The Ecstasy)
Price: £12.00

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