GIG 240: Die Krupps / Waltari / Leech Woman – LA2, 18th October 1995

Die Krupps rolled back into town, heading the LA2. I’d seen them twice before, both times back in 1994. The first time headlining their own gig at The Underworld in Camden (GIG 153), and then six months later supporting Paradise Lost at The Astoria (GIG 180).

Despite being advertised Econoline Crush weren’t supporting, which was a shame as I really liked them and had enjoyed them live when I saw them at a small show earlier in the summer (GIG 216). Instead we had two bands – Waltari and Leech Woman – neither of whom I’d seen before.

Lech Woman were pretty good, and very enjoyable. I’m pretty sure I went on to see them a few more times over the years. Waltari was a band I’d never heard of, and don’t think I heard of again. They were ok, but not all that memorable and I’ve no idea what happened to them.

Die Krupps were very good, as I’d come to expect from the two previous times I’d seen them live. They were old hands at this, having been around since 1980, and played very polished sets… proliferated by loads of tracks I loved.

Die Krupps – To The Hilt
Price: £7.00

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