GIG 216: Econoline Crush / Interact – The Borderline, 17th June 1995

Econoline Crush were a Canadian Alt-Rock band that I liked so seeing them play the relatively small Borderline was a real treat. A few of us met up for the gig, which was on a Saturday evening so we kind of treated it as a warm up before we went clubbing at Slimelight at the Electrowerkz.

The first band, Interact, were ok but I can’t remember anything about them at all any more. Econoline Crush, on the other hand, were excellent and a real treat to see. Especially in such a small venue.

What I didn’t realise, until writing this, is that they only realy had one major hit in their native Canada they had four Top 40 tracks in the States… and none here in the UK.

This tour was in support of their debut album, Affliction.

Econoline Crush – Wicked
Price: Unknown

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