GIG 180: Paradise Lost / Die Krupps – Astoria, 2nd September 1994

I went into this gig very much for Die Krupps, as opposed to headliner Paradise Lost. To be honest I’m not sure I really knew much about Paradise Lost at this point in time, but am sure I saw them again a few years later on purpose, as opposed to them ‘billing on the bill’ of another band I wanted to see.

Die Krupps were really good. I’m not sure how much they won over Paradise Lost fans – and to be honest it seemed a bit of a strange pairing to have as headliner / support as, whilst they both fell into the ‘rock’ category, they were quite different styles of ‘rock’. But those of us who were there for Die Krupps enjoyed the set, and I’m sure a few others who hadn’t previously known them enjoyed it too.

I was apparently not so keen on Paradise Lost. Which is odd as a few years later I certainly enjoyed them and had a couple of albums. I was actually surprised to have discovered that I saw them headlining The Astoria with Die Krupps in support. I don’t remember them here at all, but have very vivid memories of seeing them a few years later and really enjoying them. I guess the timing for me to appreciate them just wasn’t right in 1994.

Paradise Lost – Embers Fire
Price: £8.00

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