GIG 238: The Australian Doors – Brixton Academy, 14th October 1995

October seemed to be the month that The Australian Doors Show crossed the planet and toured the UK. I’d seen them in October 1993 (GIG 132), October 1994 (GIG 186), and now was seeing them for a third time in, yep, October 1995.

There was a nice group of us that met up in Brixton for the gig. Fabio, Alex O, Mike R, Karen and Gill – some of my closest friends at the time and it was really nice seeing the band again with them all. The Doors were such an influential part of my teenage years through to my early 20’s , despite breaking up before I was born with the death of Jim Morrison in 1971. I loved the band, and had numerous of their albums as well as books of poetry that Jim wrote.

Whilst The Australian Doors Show primarily played tracks by The Doors, they did occasionally drop in a song or two from other bands – such as Led Zepellin’s “Stairway To Heaven”, but given the other songs they covered were from bands I equally liked that was certainly not a distraction.

The band were, once again, very good and it was a really enjoyable gig. It didn’t finish until 12.30 – wqhich is way passed Brixton’s usualy kick-out time so I’ve no idea what happened there! Karen, Gill and myself then headed up north of the river to Angel for Slimelight, where we met a load of other friends, and danced away until 7.30am.

The Australian Doors Show – Break On Through
Price: £11.00

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