GIG 199: Sheep On Drugs / Spank Organisation / Rancho Diablo – LA2, 8th March 1995

The last time I’d seen Sheep On Drugs they were playing The Astoria (GIG 175), LA2’s big brother next door. I’d seen them at the LA2 before too, but that was back in October 1993 (GIG 136) which was also the first time I saw them live. But they’d completed the circle and were back playing the LA2 on this Spring Wednesday evening.

Fourheads In A Fishtank were originally billed as supporting tonight – a band I’d not heraed of – but for some reason they didn’t play and were replaced with two others. I’d never seen either of the two new support bands before so we got there in plenty of time to catch them both – and I’m very pleased I did.

Rancho Diablo and Spank Organisation were both great live, with Rancho Diablo esspecially impressing and probably my band of the night as it turned out. I think Rancho Diablo only produced one album, “Chicken World”, in 1995 and were relatively short lived – but I managed to catch them live a couple of times (the next would be the following month – GIG 203 – where they headlined The Underworld in Camden) and really enjoyed both gigs immensely.

I can’t reecall much about Spank Organisation, and my google-fu has also failed me, but I also really enjoyed their set too.

On to the main attraction…. This was the fourth time I saw Sheep On Drugs and they were still as good as ever. I loved their music, both out clubbing and also playing at home – and their debut album certainly inspired some of my writing for Dark Winter and other cyberpunk/post-apoc stories and games at the time.

All told a great line-up and a really fun evening.

Sheep On Drugs – Track X
Price : £7.00

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