GIG 175: Sheep On Drugs / CNN – Astoria, 18th June 1994

Saturday night rolls around and we have two of my favourite bands of the time playing The Astoria – Sheep On Drugs and CNN! I’d seen both bands a few times before (well Sheep on Drugs twice and CNN three times) and tonight was an upgrade to the main Astoria for Sheep on Drugs whom I’d previously seen headlining at the Astoria 2 (LA2) the previous October (GIG 136).

A whole crowd of us hit The Astoria to catch both bands. It was hot and sweltering inside and this was one of the few gigs that I ended up going topless in the pit infront of the stage. Admittedly I could pull it off back then – certainly couldn’t any longer!

CNN and Sheep On Drugs both put on great shows and I’d be hard pressed to say which band I preferred at this gig. Not content with sweating away for a few hours to live bands most of us then headed off to the Slimelight for the rest of the night.

Sheep On Drugs – Motorbike

Price: £7.50

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