GIG 136: Sheep on Drugs / Atari Teenage Riot – LA2, 28th October 1993

This was my first gig at LA2 (also known as Astoria 2) and also the first time I saw Sheep on Drugs, although I was supposed to see them at the start of the month supporting Front 242 but the gig got pushed back to November (GIG 137 as it turned out).

The LA2 was basically a basement ballroom that was part of The Astoria complex. It was connected to the larger Astoria by staircases, but they were primarily just used by staff. Myself and a friend did get a sneak trip through one of them a few years later when we got smuggled into the club at the main Astoria by a staff member. It had a separate entrance, a few doors down from the main theatre, and you descended into the depths to a good sized venue which was great to see bands in, and also for a nights clubbing.

I’d become a fan of Sheep on Drugs since they started releasing singles in 91/92, and their 1993 debut album, modestly called “Greatest Hits” was rarely far from my turntable at home. I’d been eager to see them live for a while and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Given they only had the one album out at this time we were treated to probably the entire thing over the course of the set – but then with tracks such as ‘Motorbike’, ’15 Minutes of Fame’, ‘TV USA’, and ‘Catch 22/Drug Music’ it certainly felt like a greatest hits set!

Atari Teenage Riot (ATR) supported. They were a band I’d heard a bit about, and had a single or two from, but for whatever reason on this night I felt they were sadly a bit flat. I’m not sure if I managed to see them again, but would have liked to as I’m sure they could put on a cracking show.

Sheep On Drugs – 15 Minutes of Fame
Price: £7.00

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