#RPGaDAY2022 Day 4 – Where would you host a first game?

Welcome to #RPGaDAY2022! Now in its ninth year, #RPGaDAY was originally created by RPG author and games designer David Chapman (Conspiracy X, Doctor Who, etc) as a bit of fun and to get people talking about tabletop roleplaying games. August was chosen, I believe, to coincide with tabletop roleplaying’s gaming mecca that is Gen Con – which usually takes place in the States (Inidanapolis these days) every August.

#RPGaDAY is open to everyone so if you want to join in just check out the prompts below to inspire a blog, vlog, or social media post to celebrate everything great about our hobby with the tag #RPGaDAY2022

Day 4 : Where would you host a first game?

I’ve played games in a whole load of difference places over the years. The most common place is obviously in a house (either mine or a friends), but one of the joys of roleplaying is you can do it anywhere.

I’ve run and played games in pubs and even in a nightclub before (the latter was a game I created myself which was diceless – using the paper-scissor-stone mechanic for success/failure checks and sign language for spellcasting). Camping, on long train journeys, libraries, at school, in gaming stores and of course at conventions.

I’d usually host a first game at home (mine or someone elses), especially if a new player was involved as you want them to feel as comfortable and at ease as possible.

Ideally (as with any session) somewhere which allows everyone to focus and get immersed in the game without distractions or interruptions. Not only “put those phones away” but somewhere where you won’t be interrupted by other people. There can be enough ‘table-talk’ and diversions over the course of the games session if you’re not careful, so somewhere which can help minimise that is good.

So, somewhere comfortable in an area that everyone can hear the Gamemaster and other players. Could be round the tradition dining room table, or relaxed on the sofa and chairs in the living room … or even on the bed and bean bags in the bedroom (for those still young enough they can sit in a beanbag and still manage to get up without needing someone to pull them up, or can sit crosslegged on the floor without their knees and back going ;p… but that’s where the ‘comfortable’ aspect comes in I guess).

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