GIG 165: Cubanate / Judda / Moth – Marquee, 22nd April 1994

For some reason I always thought I saw Cubanate at larger venues. I may well have done at some point but the first time I saw them was on a Friday night at The Marquee on Charing Cross Road in London. Whilst I had some Cubanate tracks, and especially loved ‘Body Burn’, I suspect the main draw for the evening was originally getting to see Judda live again.

Due to work, getting home to change, and then back out and into central London we unfortunately missed the first band of the evening, Moth, so I’ve no idea what they were like. Judda put on a great set and were the best I’d seen them for a while.

Then on came Cubanate, screeching out their blend of Industrial-techno-metal. I think I pretty much danced the entire set, so on the back of dancing away throughout Judda I certainly got my quota of exercise for the day! I loved them.

Cubanate – Body Burn
Price: Unknown

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