GIG 190: Cardiacs / Frog / Pop.A.Cat.A.Petal – LA2, 10th December 1994

I’d previously seen the Cardiacs at Feet First in Camden Palace earlier in the year (GIG 156) and really enjoyed them. They were also one of the favourite bands of one of my best friends, Alex, who was back for the weekend (or maybe Christmas) from Oxford Uni so I hooked up with her and headed to the LA2 on Charing Cross Road to see them once again.

I’d been working all day (I generally worked every Saturday in December at Leisure Games due to the ‘silly season’) so by the time I’d gotten home, changed, eaten and met up with Alex we missed the first band Pop.A.Cat.A.Petal so sadly have no idea what they were like.

I can’t remember Frog but apparently really enjoyed them. Cardiacs were once again amazing live and they certainly got pretty much of the entirety of the LA2 dancing. Insane band. Great night.

Cardiacs – Tarred And Feathered
Price: £6.00

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