GIG 156: Cardiacs – Camden Palace, 15th March 1994

Another Tuesday, and another night at Feet First at Camden Palace. Tonights band was the Cardiacs, who had formed back in 1977 and continued to play up to 2007. They would have continued for longer but frontman Tim Smith suffered a heart attack in June 2008 after leaving a My Bloody Valentine gig which left him battling with dystonia up to his death in July 2020.

I was lucky to have caught them a few times but this was the first time I saw them live, and by accident really as we were going to Camden Palace anyway for the nightclub and didn’t know in advance who was going to be playing this evening.

The Cardiacs were very good. Certainly one of the better bands I saw play at Feet First over the decade or so that I went clubbing there.

Cardiacs – Is This the Life
Price: Unknown

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