GIG 189: Christian Death / Prophecy / Infant Skull Surgery – Marquee, 8th November 1994

If anyone asked me I have always said I saw Christian Death once, but apparently I saw them atleast twice as they were headlinging this Tuesday night gig at The Marquee – and it looks like I may have seen them other times too. But it’s the first gig of theirs (GIG 104) that I remember when I think of Christian Death – but I must remember other gigs as I have though for years that they were poor live but both that first gig, back in October 1992, and this gig, in 1994, were gigs that I thought they were excellent at. Just goes to show memory is a fickle thing and it’s a good job I have a diary and gig list at hand.

Anyway, Tuesday night at The Marquee on Charing Cross Road for a triple bill. I’d seen opening act, Infant Skull Surgery, once before earlier in the year (GIG 158) and really liked them and, if anything, they were even better on this occasion. They were very shouty, drum heavy, and probably borderline thrash/industrial. They are one pre-internet (for all effects – yes I know the ‘internet’ was technically around in ’94 as I was also using it but most people were not) bands that doesn’t seem to have made a footprint on the internet once the net took off. I think I only found a single low-quality demo track on Youtube.

Second band of the night was a new one for me called Prophecy. I have no idea what they sounded like now but my notes inform me that I also really enjoyed them.

Headliners Christian Death were, once again, excellent live. Second time seeing them, second time being impressed by them. As I mention above I’m surprised at this as I have always had it in my mind that they were not very good live when I saw them. I can only think that something happened later on to give me that impression because I certainly really enjoyed them the first two times (atleast) I got to see them.

Christian Death – Church Of No Return
Price: Unknown

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