GIG 188: Terrorvision / Die Toten Hosen / Baby Chaos – The Forum, 31st October 1994

I’d originally seen Terrorvision back in February 1992, supporting Zodiac Mindwarp (GIG 097), back before they’d released their debut album. In 1994 they released their second album, ‘How To Make Friends and Influence People’, which bore a host of top 30 hits for them including ‘Middleman’, ‘Pretend Best Friend’, the massive ‘Oblivion’ and my favourite from the album ‘Alice, What’s The Matter?’. So it was definitely time to see them again.

Sue, Surfer Boy and I headed down to Kentish Town on this Halloween Monday evening. Unfortunately we missed Baby Chaos but were in time to see German punk rock band Die Toten Hosen. Die Toten Hosen had been around since the early 80’s and had built a name for themselves in their native Germany, as well as some other European countries. I knew of them, but am pretty sure I’d not heard anything (or certainly anything I knew was theirs) before the gig. They were brilliant and certainly got the crowd going. Probably as good as Terrorvision were on this occasion (although atleast one of the later Terrorvision concerts I went to rate up there as one of the best gigs I’d ever been to).

Terrorvision were fantastic. Obviously playing almost the entirety of their current hit-packed album helped, but the band were one which was so vibrant and full of energy. Leaping around the stage, really getting the audience going. Fantastic night.

Alice. What’s The Matter?
Price: £8.00

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