GIG 158: Children On Stun / Infant Skull Surgery / Die Laughing – Marquee, 23rd March 1994

Children on Stun were one of the wave of goth bands that appeared in the early 90’s that achieved quite a following without managing to actually break through. I remember, a year or two later, chatting to an A&R friend who was looking after a band that they hoped would break the Top 40 and about to release a single but were supporting Children on Stun at an Underworld gig. I pointed out that his band, who were getting some money and record company support behind them, had probably pulled in a handful of people whilst Children on Stun – who at the time I believe had to borrow some instruments due to some financial difficulties – had almost sold out the venue without any airplay, record company support, and were attracting zero interest from the major Indie labels.

Goth was just not something that most labels were interested in, even though the movement and music scene was very much flourishing with a lot of talent and fans. Even most of the established ‘Chart’ goth bands didn’t really get airplay. It was incredibly rare of hear The Sisters of Mercy or The Mission on the radio, and both had been selling out Arenas. I’m not sure I ever heard The Fields of the Nephilim on the radio – despite a string of Top 50 hits.

Anyway, Children on Stun were playing the Marquee on the Sunday slot that seemed reserved for ‘goth’ bands and I was one of the many in attendance.

I thought Children on Stun were ok, but preferred both Infant Skull Surgery and Die Laughing.

I ended up using Die Laughing as one of the band names in a multiple choice competition question we ran in Valkyrie magazine (I think it was to win some Crow merchandise web the video was released). Pretty sure the question was “What was Eric Draven’s band called?”. I could look it up as I have the issue somewhere, but hey – I’ll keep you guessing ;p

I also discovered a year or so later that a friend I met and ended up gaming with for several years was the sibling of Die Laughing’s guitar player.

Children On Stun – Hollow

Price : Unknown

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