GIG 176: Toyah – The Electric Ballroom, 29th July 1994

I’d forgotten I’d seen Toyah at The Electric Ballroom until writing this entry. I knew I’d seen her live at The Marquee at one point (which is still to come at some point) but not twice, as I apparently did.

I think one of the reasons for my confusion is that we all went clubbing to Full Tilt at The Electric Ballroom and didn’t know she was playing that evening. As mentioned in another entry, Full Tilt occasionally (very rarely) put on bands during their club night and the bands were never the reason we went along – we went along to dance and socialise. So the bands were either an interruption to this, or a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately I really didn’t rate Toyah’s show. I’ll admit that I didn’t (and still don’t) really know any Toyah songs. I remember her from the TV in the 80’s but her songs didn’t form any of musical tastes and I’d never knowingly listened to her. So I didn’t have any reference points for her music – although I saw loads of bands I didn’t know so that shouldn’t really make any difference. I just wasn’t keen. Sorry Toyah 😦

Toyah – I Want To Be Free
Free as part of the Full Tilt nightclub

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