GIG 159: In Sensorium / Cries of Tammuz – Marquee, 27th March 1994

Cries of Tammuz were playing the Marquee for the second Sunday running. As opposed to the headline slot the week before (GIG 157) they were supporting Insensorium, who I’d seen the previous year (GIG 125) but wasn’t overwhelmed by.

Now, to be fair, I’d have probably gone to the Marquee anyway on a Sunday evening. I often went not really knowing the bands I was going to see beyond their names – and sometimes they were bands I’d never heard of . That said, seeing bands I liked – and also knew members of – was always an extra bonus so seeing Cries of Tammuz again was certainly a major draw.

They also played a really good set. Probably one of the best of the many times I saw them live. Insensorium, sadly, were worse than the previous time I’d seen them and I really didn’t like them.

In Sensorium – Annihilation
Price: Unknown

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