GIG 157: Cries of Tammuz / Chrome – Marquee, 20th March 1994

Sunday night at The Marquee, the regular ‘goth night’. After an all-nighter at The Slimelight on Saturday night that saw me leave the club at about 7am, and not wake up until just after 5pm, this gig pretty much happened after my ‘breakfast’.

Regardless of coming off an all-nighter and probably feeling slightly worse for wear I was not going to miss this as it was the first time Cries of Tammuz were headlining at The Marquee and I wanted to go and support Paul and the band.

The support band, Chrome, were a band I hadn’t seen before. I can’t remember anything about them and my notes from the night certainly seem to indicate they were distinctly ‘average’ so I’m not overly surprised of my lack of memory – even if I had been awake for more than a couple of hours by the time they came on the stage.

Cries of Tammuz certainly warranted they headline position for the evening, as they put on a cracking show which I really enjoyed.

Cries of Tammuz – The Fall
Price: Unknown

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