GIG 125: Vendemmian / Empyrean / Insensorium – Marquee, 8th August 1993

A return to my beloved Marquee. I can’t believe I’d not been back here since November 1992! Nine months! I was last here for Creaming Jesus and Sunshot (GIG 106) and returned on this summer Sunday night to see Vendemmian, whom I’d seen earlier in the year (GIG 114) headlining at The Dome.

Vendemmian put on a really good set, and I certainly preferred them at The Marquee than I had at The Dome gig. Insensorium, the opening act, were ok but didn’t strike me as anything special. The second band on, Empyrean, blew me away though. I was really impressed with them. I’m not sure if I ever caught them live again though which was a shame.

I attended the gig with Michael, Carolyn and Helen and remember getting incredibly drunk during the evening to the extent that I wasn’t entirely sure how I’d gotten home. One minute I was leaving the venue in Central London, the next I was walking down the road to the house I was living in up in Finchley.

Vendemmian – Standing
Price: Unknown

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