Welcome back to the Role Playing Games PDF Spotlights column, where we look at some of the PDF’s that have been released in the past week that have caught my eye. I’m playing catch-up a bit this week, so we’ll be getting two columns worth of New Release spotlights this week. I posted the first yesterday and today we look at some of the PDF’s released between 28th May – 3rd June 2022.

The Terminator RPG

Core Rulebook

By Nightfall Games

The Terminator RPG is the official roleplaying game based on The Terminator movie and associated graphic novels published by Dark Horse comics. It is the sourcebook for the first Terminator film and its expanded universe and extrapolates from hardcore existing canon to create a living and breathing world with a multitude of possible and probable timelines.

Join the Human Resistance

The world is a wasteland—broken by the machines we built. Our own creations, our own hubris. Not in some distant future. Today. Now. The machines think they have won, but there is one last chance for humankind; a secret weapon that Skynet, in its infinite calculations, could never have anticipated: You.

Play in any time—including the 1980s and future war. All the main characters from the movie, such as Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, and the T-800 are included, as is content from the graphic novels and all all-new, never seen before Terminator variants and hardware. 

The rulebook includes two mission packs, enabling you to relive The Terminator movie and to join the fight to bring down Skynet in a not-so-distant future war.

You play resistance fighters struggling against the machine onslaught of Skynet in an alternative and post-apocalyptic version of today—the once “far future” of the 2020s. You can take the role of rebel time travellers sent back to various points in time to stop Skynet from altering history. You can even play natives of any historical time period, targeted by Terminators and trying to stay alive as a future hell is unleashed around you. 

The book is designed as a toolbox to allow the Director to create their own campaigns or one-shots, including detailed campaign arcs, campaign seeds, mini-missions, NPCs, weapons, detailed locations, and enemy characters.

You have the option to play either pre-generated characters or to create your own—tailored to your preferences, weapon choices, and role within your team. If your character is killed, a new one can be brought in from the future, past, or present. That new character can be many things—including even an alternate you from a divergent timeline.

The game has been built from the ground up to both evoke the tone of the film and place you in the middle of the action. The terror and desperation of facing unstoppable killing machines are yours to bear. Only united with your fellow resistance fighters can you hope to defeat them.

The Terminator RPG : Campaign Book

The Terminator RPG Supplement

By Nightfall Games

The Terminator RPG: Campaign Book is a 136-page PDF of 15 interlinked missions for The Terminator RPG.

In the Dark Future, the Resistance stands on the cusp of victory. Skynet’s defense grid is vulnerable and John Connor has a plan to smash it and win the war. But the insidious AI has decided to play dirty, experimenting with time displacement technology in an attempt to shear the Resistance from its roots and murder its leader before he’s even born. The mission to save John Connor has already begun, but it isn’t the only battle that must play out in the past. The Resistance may start with Connor, but it ends with you.

Part of Nightfall Games’ Signature Series, this work contains original missions as well as scenarios inspired by the Terminator graphic novels. Designed for 3 to 6 players, the fifteen missions presented here form the framework of a series campaign that can start in the future and end in the past. 

Curated by Andrew E.C. Gaska and E.L. Thomas, the Terminator Campaign Book features the talents of a wide variety of creators who offer points of view as varied as the ever-shifting timelines you struggle through in your war against the machines. 

The future may seem set, but second chances lie in the past. Now more than ever, there is no fate but what you make for yourself.

Agents of Dune

Dune: Adventures in the Imperium Supplement

By Modiphius

Arrakis is Yours

Your House is to become the new governor of Arrakis in an alternate “What if?” scenario, where you must ensure the supply of the vital spice melange to the Known Universe. With the eyes of the entire Imperium watching your every move, can you retain control of Arrakis? Or will this appointment spell the destruction of your House?

The Agents of Dune Campaign Experience Set offers a complete introduction to the world of Dune and the Dune: Adventures in the Imperium roleplaying game. The set contains everything you need to start playing, with no preparation required. Even if you are new to Dune or roleplaying games, this set guides you through an epic story where your characters are the heroes.

Agents of Dune contains:

  • A complete 116-page adventure with step by step guidance as you play!!
  • 5 character folios for the members of House Nagara.
  • Two 50-card decks detailing NPCs, Assets, and Traits for use during play.
  • A complete spice harvesting system to keep track of your successes or failures in running Arrakis.
  • 3 Handouts and 4 zone maps that bring the experience of Arrakis to your gaming table.
  • Tokens and Trackers for Momentum, Threat, Determination.

Amor Odit Inertes

Lex Arcana Adventure

By Acheron Books

Ave Custodes and Demiurges!

new adventure has been released for Lex Arcana!

This is a new content, not included in any previous books or titles and we present here for the first time!


The Custodes are sent to the isle of Melita with two tasks: to deal with the monster that is roving about the island, butchering man, and beast alike, and to investigate the disappearance of Manilius Corvinus, a Custos who had visited the island twenty days before for personal reasons, then disappeared without a trace… will the two events be related?

This PDF contains:
• A 15-page adventure set in Melita (present day Malta), in the heart of Mare Internum

• The meeting with a delegate of the Gupta Empire

• The discovery of a new and very powerful poison.

Per aspera ad astra!

Lex Arcana is an Historical-Fantasy Roleplaying in a Roman Empire That Never Fell

A Wizard’s Dying Wish and Other Tales

Mork Borg Adventure Anthology

By Philip Reed Games

A collection of four adventures and five encounter hooks, all created for those gamemasters in need of new ideas to throw at the adventurers. Within this hardcover you will find:

* A Wizard’s Dying Wish (pp. 4-9). The heroes come across a dying wizard . . . and must face unimaginable evil as they seek to fulfill the wizard’s last request.

* The Living Statue of Alk Baum (pp. 10-15). The wizardess Zoya Baum was an evil force in life and now, even in death, her actions inflict suffering on others.

* Anzhela and the Caged Skulls (pp. 16-21). The adventurers are enjoying a quiet morning when evil enters the inn.

* The Broken Sword of Vile Souls (pp. 22-27). A wizard promises 100 silver coins to the heroes . . . if they find and return a magic sword.

* The Sorcerer’s Corpse and Other Tales (pp. 28-31). Five encounter hooks for those gamemasters in need of more ideas.


Shadows Over Sol Adventure

By Tab Creations

On the trail of a runaway heir, the team is led to the terrestrial megalopolis of Superior, where they must brave the dangers of the mean streets, out of control riots and a fringe cult. In the end, they will run up against a sinister plot that threatens the global order. Will the scrappers stop the “Disjunction?” Or will they simply walk away in order to claim a paycheck?

Disjunction features a tense action horror scenario for Shadows Over Sol. It is designed to run between two and five gaming sessions. Its features include:

  • A dystopic glimpse of future Earth
  • Plenty of dark sci-fi action
  • A new fringe cult: the Order of Gabriel Archangel the Revelator

Flotsam: A Guide to the City of Ember

Systemless Setting Book

By Storyworlds Studios Ltd

Welcome, Foundlings, to Flotsam, the City of Ember.

Flotsam is a roleplaying game about the rat citizens of an island state built on the bones of an old, old city.

Here you will find rats in top hats and waistcoats, in gowns and jewels, all the finery and glad rags of society. Here you will find rat surgeons, beggars, actors, engineers, and journalists; and step into taverns, shops, guildhalls, gang hideouts, and the underground lairs of secret societies. Here, too, you will find magic, of a sort — weird symbols, ethereal spirits, caged demons, and the mysterious Lady of Chains. And, behind it all, the source of power for the city: the Ember crystals that glow in every street lamp and power every device.

This book is intended as a setting sourcebook to inspire stories and roleplaying campaigns. It contains a very simple roleplaying system, but you can use or adapt any system to play out your own adventures. There are lots of mysteries to uncover and characters to meet, all ideal jumping-off points for your own games.

Some stories set in Flotsam have already been released as a roleplaying podcast, featuring the rats Enid, Reg, and Vern as Foundlings newly come to the city – find out more at

These streets are full of secrets – let us be your guides.

  • Characters, locations, secrets, mysteries and curios.
  • 80 pages of inspirational setting
  • A single page of rules!

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