GIG 299 : The Mission / Vivid – Astoria, 5th July 1996

The last time I’d seen The Mission it was my 200th gig. Had I managed to squeeze another gig in over the past year and a bit then they’d have also been my 300th gig. As it was they’d have to settle for GIG 299.

It was a Friday night and loads of people had hit the town, celebrating summer and the weekend. I headed down with Melissa, Jess and Ian but once at the venue caught up with Zak, Dean Adrienne, Simon, Andy, Cole and Gary and so many more for fun bouncing away and building pyramids down the front of the stage.

First up were a band called Vivid. There have been a bunch of bands called Vivid over the years, but the closest I can see that it may have been was a German rock band that was around from 1991 to 2002. I’ve no idea if it was them or not, but whoever the support was they were very good,

The Mission’s intro started playing, the dry ice bellowed forth and the silhouettes of the band emerged on to the stage letting the intro play out before launching straight into Wasteland (there biggest single to date, having reached #11 in the UK charts back in 1987 and a big crowd favourite). Wasteland launched a really strong set including tracks from all their albums to date – Deliverance, Tower of Strength, Dancing Barefoot, Severina, Butterfly on a Wheel, Swoon, Beyond the Pale, Like A Child Again, Blood Brother, Like A Hurricane, 1969… and several others all kept up entertained (and very sweaty).

The Mission – Like A Hurricane

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