GIG 300 : Senser – Camden Palace, 23rd July 1996

Senser are a politically charged rap-rock band that formed in London in the late 80’s/early 90’s. They’d had a few singles and their debut album in 1994, “Stacked Up” had reached #4 in the UK album charts.

They were a band I’d listened to both at home and out at club nights as they were favourites of both the indie and rock scenes, I had, however, never seen them live before now so when they were announced to be playing Feet First at Camden Palace I leapt at the chance.

Before heading to the gig a few of us went to The Trocadero, just off Leicester Square in central London. The Troc had a variety of shops, a large arcade on the top floor and (more imnportantly) a Battletech Virtual Reality centre in the basement (next to an Aliens Live Experience). I’d been going to the Battletech Centre centre since it opened the previous year and loved it. The centre had two games – their signature Battletech VR game, where each player got inside an enclosed cockpit and guided a giant ‘mech in either team or player-vs-player combat missions and another pod racing game called Red Planet where you raced against the opponents through the mining tunnels of Mars in hover-crafts. Not only could you play against friends onsite but each of the 26 centres around the world were linked so you could have tournaments against players in the States, Japan, and elsewhere.

After spending a few hours shooting each other up we headed back up the Northern Line to Mornington Crescent and into Camden Palace in time for a bit of dancing, drinking and to see Senser.

Senser were a great live band. Full of energy, power, and with lyrics that would get the crowd going. I’m not sure why I didn’t see them more often to be honest, and apart from possibly a future festival appearence or two I don’t think I got to see them again which was a shame as they were very good.

Senser – Eject

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