2023 and all that…

Hello readers and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I trust those of you that celebrate Christmas had very pleasant festivities, and those of you that don’t celebrate Christmas have atleast had a good week.

Work has been overly busy recently, thus no gig posts since 18th November and only the weekly poetry posts which I fortunately queued up well in advance – so atleast something has been posted here once a week over the last few weeks!

With the start of the new year, and also having had a week of rest and time largely away from the computer screen, I’m kicking things back off on the blog again. So strap yourself in for the return of the trips down memory lane with the gig posts, the weekly poetry posts, the (hopefully) weekly tabeltop RPG PDF spotlights of newly released titles that catch my eye, the monthly music top 10’s based upon my playlists, and *hopefully* the return of ‘Face The Music’ where I chat to friends in the games industry about their musicla tastes – and possibly even some gaming bits and pieces and fiction from yours truly.

I’ve no idea what 2023 has in store. Hopefully it’ll atleast feel like it lasts longer than recent years which seem to have flown by in a matter of weeks well short of the prescribed 52 I’m sure a year is supposed to have… But I hope everyone has a great 2023 whatever you’re up to.

Here’s to the future, and thanks for reading!


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