GIG 281: Zoe / Martyn Swain / Iain Archer / Antsy Horne / Robin Auld – The Water Rats, 7th May 1996

I think we decided to go to this gig on a bit of a whim. It was Tuesday night and we were going to be heading to Camden Palace for their Feet First night later and wanted something to do beforehand. Michael had spotted that Zoe, who had a couple of hits back in 1991, was playing an acoustic gig at The Water Rats in Kings Cross so we decided to head down.

Zoe’s “Sunshine On A Rainy Day” reached #4 in the UK charts and was followed up by a song called “Lightning” that got to #37 – which were the only two Top 40 hits she had with her other three singles releases (one of which was an early version of Sunshine On A Rainy Day) all falling short. She also released two albums, 1991’s “Scarlet Red and Blue” which reached #67 in the album charts and the more rockier “Hammer” in 1996 which I’m guessing this gig was in support of. Hammer sadly failed to chart.

The four support acts were all fairly samey I seem to remember. None of them really stood out above the others, and all were alright but didn’t make an impression. Zoe, however, was excellent.

I’m not sure if it was just her and a guitar, or if she did have a drummer and maybe someone else with her, but I have a feeling it may have just been her. In any case, she was really good and played a load of tracks including a fantastic acoustic version of her ’91 hit “Sunshine On A Rainy Day” which I wish I had a recording of.

Zoe – Sunshine On A Rainy Day
Price: Unknown

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