GIG 268: Christian Death / Inkubus Sukkubus / f – Dingwalls, 29th February 1996

Despite having spent many years since I was a teen working, clubbing, drinking and going to see live music in Camden I’d never actually been to anything at Dingwalls before this evening.

Dingwalls was originally one of the many old Victorian buildings and warehouses that surrounded Camden Lock but was rennovated in and opened as a live music and comedy venue in 1973 when the whole area was redevloped. It was called Dingwalls because the original Victorian owner had painted his name, T.E. Dingwall on the side of the venue – and the name stuck a century later.

I was primarily attending to see Inkubus Sukkubus (who had mysteriously transformed from using ‘c’ to ‘k’ in their name at somepoint in the last few months) but Christian Death and f were also playing.

I think ‘f’ had something to do with Christian Death, although their name has made it impossible for me to try and find anything about them. It’s possible that ‘f’ was a sideproject of a memeber of the band – or something completely unrelated to them. In any case, they were pretty good.

The newly k’d version of Inkubus Sukkubus were just as good as their original c’d version. They always put on a great show, and some of my mates were working on their merchandise stand so we got the added bonus of being able to hand out with them at the gig and well in to the wee hours of the morning after the show.

Christian Death are a band that I see to continually do a disservice to. If you’d asked me before I started doing these write-ups I’d have told you I’d seen them once and they sucked. The gig I remember, and was the one that I thought I formed my opionion of them at, was the first time I’d seen them on 30th October 1992 (GIG 104) where they actually were incredibly good. They were also brilliant the second time I saw them in November 1994 (GIG 189) – and were once again very good this evening too. So it seems I either went to a future Christian Death gig that clouded by judgment of them – or have gotten them mixed up with someone completely different. I’m coming to the opinion in is probably the latter as three good/great gigs should really have told me that the band is very good live.

Christian Death – Romeo’s Distress
Price: £6.00

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