GIG 267: Powder – Camden Palace, 27th February 1996

Tuesday night rolled round again so after drinks at The Southampton Arms, the pub opposite Camden Palace, Melissa and I headed in the grand old music hall for a nights clubbing and live music.

Tonights band was Powder, a short-lived BritPop band that released three singles but didn’t really get any traction. They split up shortly after this gig, so I guess I was lucky to have caught them.

They were actually very good live. I found a lot of BritPop quite hit-or-miss, with a number of bands being fairly carbon-copies of others on the scene (as is so often the case with many bands regardless of scene), I’m not sure what gave Powder that extra sprinkling live over so many of their contemporaries but they had something. Shame they split up so quickly.

Powder – Afrodisiac
Price: Free with Guest Pass

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