GIG 248: Incubus Succubus / Dream Disciples – The Underworld, 10th November 1995

Friday night in Camden was not unusual. I used to head to Camden most Fridays for The Electric Ballroom (mixing things up with the occasional Friday nights clubbing at Rockscene held at The Astoria). What we did before hand used to change around – sometimes drinking in Camden at The Dev or World’s End, sometimes drinking in Finchley (usually at The Catcher on the Rye), hanging out at a friends house, or on quite a few occasions a gig somewhere.

This evening it was time for a gig – and being at The Underworld that meant getting into Camden a lot earlier than we would have done if we’d just been going straight to The Electric Ballroom for Full Tilt.

The Underworld was pretty packed. For starters Incubus Succubus were a very popular goth band on the circuit and Dream Disciples were one of the better up-and-coming bands in the scene at the time. Being just across across the road from The Ballroom meant that a number of people treated this as the first part of a gig-club combo which helped lure more people out of the woodwork than usual.

I’d seen the Dream Disciples for the first time earlier that summer (GIG 213) and really liked them. This second time continued the trend, they were a very good live band.

Incubus Succubus, who were one of my most seen bands (this was the twelth time I saw them live!), rarely disappointed live and this time was certainly no different. They put on a fantastic set and had a very happy crowd leave The Underworld to continue the nights entertainment dancing away at Full Tilt.

Incubus Succubus – Heart of Lilith
Price: Unknown

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