GIG 247: EMF – Camden Palace, 7th November 1995

I find it amusing that I saw EMF twice. Not because of actually seeing them, I quite liked a few of their albums since ‘Unbelievable’ charted and seemingly took over the world, but because of the times I actually saw them.

I’d first seen them supporting rock band Terrorvision (GIG 210) which seemed like an odd combo at the time. The second time I saw EMF was on this occasion as the midnight band at Feet First in The Camden Palace. The reason I found this an odd location is that I never really thought as EMF of the type of band that would play Feet First. I guess I thought of them as a combination of ‘too big a name on the pop scene’ combined with ‘pop scene’ rather than indie rock… although they are listed as ‘alternative rock’ in places like Wikipedia.

In anycase, EMF were tonights band. I’d been a bit disappointed with them when I saw them supporting Terrorvision but was keen on seeing them again. They were ok, but once again didn’t blow me out of the water. Still a fun night with friends.

EMF – Unbelievable
Price: Free with Guest Pass

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