GIG 242: Intastella – Camden Palace, 24th October 1995

Fresh from an evening of the rap-metal of Clawfinger in Highbury I travelled northward to Mornington Cresent to head into Camden Palace for Feet First. It was always great to see my Feet First family, and quite a lot of them were in attendance this evening.

The live band at midnight was often an interruption to the nights dancing, but generally a pretty interesting interruption and certainly allowed us all to see a whole bunch of bands we’d either not heard of or wouldn’t have gone to see if they hadn’t been the ‘band of the night’.

Intastella, from Manchester were tonights offering. I was never really in to the ‘Madchester’ sound so they weren’t really my cup of tea. They were alright though, but certainly fell into the category of “bands I wouldn’t have gone to see” if they hadn’t played Feet First.

Intastella – Century
Price: Free with Guest Pass

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