GIG 234: Cancer – Camden Palace, 3rd October 1995

I spoke about the diversity of bands that the Feet First club hosted. The last time I’d been here, a week before, I’d seen the ambient dance band Loop Guru. A week later and I was seeing Cancer – a thrash metal/death metal band that had formed in 1988. They couldn’t really be more different in styles if they’d tried.

I had a brief fling with thrash metal in the mid-80’s when I was 13/14, but it hadn’t lasted and generally speaking I wasn’t (and am still not) much of a fan of a lot of death metal. There are certainly some bands I like and listen to, but overall they don’t take up much of my record collection or Spotify listening time.

I’d never heard of Cancer, primarily as I wasn’t really into their musical style – I’d have known very few death metal bands of the time. They were perfectly fine live. They certainly weren’t bad, and were actually probably pretty good – just not really my thing. I quite enjoyed them, but they weren’t a band that I’d rush out to see again.

Cancer – Back From the Dead
Price: Free with Guest Pass

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