GIG 235: The Levellers / Prophets of da City / Cecil – Brixton Academy, 6th October 1995

Surprisingly I hadn’t seen The Levellers since 1992 (GIG 108) when I’d seen them at the NEC in Birmingham. Not quite sure how I’d not seen the in the (almost) three years since then, but it was Friday night and I was finally catching them again.

I was originally going to this with a friend of mine called Stacy, who I knew from Camden Palace, but unfortunately she couldn’t make it but said her sister, Gill, would like to. I’d never met Gill, but as the ticket was going spare I was happy to go with her to what, I think, was her first concert.

And The Levellers is a fantastic ‘first concert’ to go to. They are so full of energy and their infectious tunes just can’t prevent everyone from dancing. Tonight was certainly no different.

The support bands were Cecil (a Liverpudlian rock band) and Prophects of da City (a South African hip-hop crew). Both were perfectly fine and I marginally preferred Cecil of the two.

The Levellers kicked off with The Fear, launching in to a 17 song strong main set, before coming on for two encores. The first included One Way, Dirty Davey (a cover) and The Riverflow, whilst the second encore included Just the One and Liberty Song.

I may not have seen them for 3 years but they were still as great as ever. Brilliant gig.

The Levellers – Liberty Song
Price: £10.00

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